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Seniorlink & Caregiver Homes is now Careforth

Caring for a family member or friend at home?

You may be eligible for Careforth's Structured Family Caregiving (SFC) service. SFC is a coaching and support service available for live-in family caregivers in South Dakota. Careforth has been serving family caregivers for over 20 years, and 98% of participants say they would recommend our service to other caregivers. 

Careforth's SFC service supports caregivers by providing: 

  • A tax-free financial stipend
  • Ongoing support from a professional care coach
  • A secure mobile app to connect you with your coach

To qualify for Careforth’s SFC program, you must: 

  • Live with the person you’re caring for
  • Provide routine care that may include transferring, walking assistance, dressing, grooming, toileting and eating.
  • Care for a person who is eligible for the HOPE Waiver
  • Complete a background check

For more information about eligibility, please check the South Dakota Department of Human Services website. Remember, each SFC provider program is different, so please make sure to ask for Careforth by name. 

Feel supported. At every turn.

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As a caregiver, you will receive:


Payment in the form of a tax-free stipend


Access to our secure mobile app, to connect with your care coach


Ongoing support from a professional care coach 


Peace of mind and less stress knowing you have a team you can lean on!